Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Automatic Writing

I remember in December. It was a cold day the wind blew my face off.  My socks stayed on tight but not for long.  I went inside to escape the cold.  Looked in the mirror my face is getting old.  Wrinkles over lapping all the scars from my past, looking back at memories how long will this last.  It’s like a time bomb on my chest, and a bullet through my brain, makes me feel better just to take away the pain.  What’s that saying?  Start in first finish in last.  Forget even placing while I’m racing I always crash.  So looking at the snow on the ground, as the snowflakes are bound, for their destiny to always hit the ground, just like myself.  My knees buckle down, I’m always falling down.  Next time I see the world I’m going to tell it what I really think of it.  I’m going to run my mouth like lip service.  Take the world by the horns, every rose has its thorn, it’s not important but it’s information at its finest.  Words are hard to come by when typing on the spot.  I think I’m so cool, but these lyrics are too hot.  Drop it like it’s hot.  Catch it like it’s not, I throw the whole world into a frenzy every time that I’m not.  This isn’t a song I don’t even know what it is.  All I know is it kind of rhymes, so please don’t diss.  I hope these ten minutes are up soon.  Welcome to the matrix, look at the truth there’s no spoon.  Bend it with your mind; you’ll be surprised at what you find in the grind, of a traffic jam kicking in the back of your pantry.  Spread it on bread; don’t let your head keep expanding till you’re dead.  It’s going to blow up, like a volcano, a rhino on a rampage, laying tracks down on vinyl.  And that’s final. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Night

The night is dark, the night is cold
The night is my friend, when I am alone

Right now I’m alone, the night is my guide
It walks beside me, not leaving my side

It won’t give me bullshit, won’t put me down
Won’t tear me open, heart thrown to the ground

It’s the lonely road, giving advice to travelers by
We all walk that path, at least once in our life

When I’m all alone, and there’s no one to hold
The night wraps around me, gives warmth through the cold

The night makes me, feel like I’m free
Cause it’s the only one, that’s lonelier than me

It doesn’t take, the good times with the bad
Helps me appreciate, the good times I’ve had

The Night.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Third Eye Blind

I am nothing and I long to find why I
Have consciousness systems inside of my mind
Digital pictures moving behind blinding lights
A third eye blind would cure me now

Simple contradictions create the polls north and south
Only when they are coherent does the world turn around
Earth, air, fire, water, turns to greed, consuming power
Like a spider web that’s catching all of us

What we need’s an injection
An un-biased election
Can you see the direction
That we’re in
What we need is a choice
Through the chaos and noise
No need to rejoice
It’s already too late to save our souls

Give me a direction
I’m losing it, I’m losing it
This cut has become infected
All function quit
I don’t want your assistance
I’m sick of it
Why can’t we look at the past
And simply learn from it

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Team Canada must've had too much maple syrup between periods, cause they choked!

Who would've thought that Team Canada would lose it in the third after being ahead 3-0... I'm shocked, along with the rest of the you... reports that a team Canada player began a competition to see who could chug down a bottle of Aunt Jamima's original recipe maple syrup the fastest have been un-confirmed.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time. We were ahead 3-0... I thought we had room for some syrup and we choked, but damn it tasted good" -source.

However It didn't taste good for team Canada in the third period when the Russians mounted the mounties by scoring five unanswered goals; their first two goals were scored within 11 seconds of each other.

The Asian invasion had begun and the Russians were on fire... Canada just stopped, dropped, then fold-ed.

"It wasn't nerves, it was lack of trying, this one is definitely hard to swallow".

Who is the perpetrator? The culprit? Put more simply: Who is to blame?

-maple syrup