Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Cancerous Breath

Smooth. Rough. Light. Thick. Hot, hot, hot. The embers burn, as smoke turns in the air, like clouds through the sky. Rock City Tobacco Co. Number Seven Black. My lungs blacken as my heart attacks. This is the feeling no society lacks. Heard on the news someone was stabbed in the back. What can we do to get this back on track? Maybe more cops can gain some votes in a ballad. Maybe it will lower crime rates, or just raise taxes. But nothing is for certain as the curtain collapses. Only one thing is for certain I light my smokes with matches. Backwards black hat and some cheap sunglasses, keeps my head warm and dims the sun from my eyes. I bought some ear plugs to keep me def to the lies, that I'm hearing everyday from nine to five. Aren't they done with cutting corners? I have no need for these knives. All I need's a cigarette, I crave the rush it provides. It's the feeling that you get when you're just trying to survive. Using yesterdays paper as an umbrella from the lies, that are falling to the ground from the skies. My cancerous breath.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


 It wasn’t my idea to join twitter.  In fact I think I’ve tried to avoid it since its inception. I always used to think people who tweeted were “twats,” or “twits.“  It turns out they like to be called “tweeters.”  Go figure. Use whatever word you want to describe them, they are up to date on anything that might interest them.  As a tweeter, you choose people or organizations whose tweets you think might interest you.  A tweet is a max 140 character public post, that everyone of your "followers" can see.  Likewise, people can follow your tweets if they think what you’re tweeting is interesting, informative, or funny.   As a user you could choose to follow your favourite celebrities, news publications, or even your co-workers and keep up to date on all their latest tweets.  Twitter keeps people in touch and helps keep corporations in touch with their consumers.
However popular it has seemed to become in such a short period of time, some people haven’t jumped on the tweeting bandwagon.  My parents are part of the small group that don’t really know what Twitter is and definitely don’t know how to use it.  I told them I just sent my first tweet and they thought I had bought a bird.  Seriously.   But lets not doubt that Twitter can be useful, it seems like it’s everywhere today.  Heck, if I’m even tweeting, this thing has to be catching on.

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's My First Time

Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Brendyn Michael Bialek. I like my music loud, my pancakes hot, my martini shaken not stirred, and yes, I am a first time blogger. To be honest the concept of what a blog even was had escaped me up until enrolling in the Creative Communications program at Red River College. I'm also a first time tweeter. Oh, the joys of CreComm. Like a new pair of shoes, it may be awkward and take some time to fit, but I'm sure that soon it will become a part of me as if it were grafted to my skin.
The purpose of this blog will be to discuss and research subjects I find interesting. What do I find interesting you may ask? Well, politics, human rights and daily news seem to top my list at the moment. I would like to read and research random subjects such as the creation of money, the latest news story, or something as simple as posting a song I wrote, and have discussions about these topics. Suggestions and comments are always welcome!
This blog will be my public journal for the next two years at least, and while the thought of that makes my stomach slightly curl at the moment, I'm sure its like a new pair of shoes that just need a little time to grow into. For now ill keep my first post short and sweet, more of a jog than a sprint, while i let the second percolate in my subconscious mind for you all to enjoy sometime soon in the next week.